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Lifting equipment and accessories designed and built for you by Sling and Tackle.

Sling & Tackle, along with their partners, provide custom-built solutions to meet your individual needs

We can construct a wide range of fabricated and machined lifting equipment, designed, manufactured, tested and certified according to your needs. Our engineers establish exactly what you’re looking for; asking specific questions to ascertain which solutions best fit your requirements.

A site survey can be conducted to take measurements and photographs of the immediate and local area, ensuring that accurate information is gathered in order to make the most efficient design decisions. Following design approval, the full manufacture of the equipment will commence.

We keep a technical file with your calculation records, tests + all relevant information

The file demonstrates that the essential safety requirements have been met. A Declaration of Conformity will be issued by the manufacturer. The lifting equipment will be clearly labelled with a serial number, WLL and date of manufacture.

Gantry System

Lifting Beams

Lifting Beams are common solutions for indoor and other low height (low headroom) situations. They consist of a beam with a single attachment point centred on the top side of the beam, connecting to a crane or hoist.

There are typically two or more evenly spaced lifting points on the underside of the beam that attach to and support the load via hook or sling. These are often also used when multiple bottom connection points are required.

Spreader Beams

Spreader Beams use two lifting points instead of one singular lifting point, the weight of the load is distributed evenly across the beam, which eliminates the stress on a single lifting point. Spreader Beams are ideal for lifting very wide or heavy-duty loads. Spreader Beams require more headroom than a lifting beam in order to accommodate the overhead slings.

Lifting Spreader Frames

Lifting Frames or Spreader Frames are ideal for 4-point lifts where there is a low headroom requirement, or where a cascading arrangement of spreader beams cannot be used.

Gantry Fabrication

We can offer a large variety of Gantries to suit your application. Manufactured to the highest standard, all Gantries are proof load tested and come complete with the relevant documentation and certification. We can supply fixed height Gantries, adjustable height, static or mobile. Each Gantry is tailor made to suit your requirements.

Forklift Attachments

If you have a requirement to handle an awkward or unusual load, we will be able to design a forklift attachment to do this for you safely and efficiently.

Fabrications to meet all your lifting and pulling needs

Sling and Tackle can supply fabrications from a simple bracket, to a complete structure, to meet your needs.