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Sling & Tackle Milton Keynes provide a range of lifting, load-bearing and safety equipment support services, including emergency repairs, servicing, inspections, testing & certification. Call us on 01908 449 300 to discuss your requirements.

LOLER Lifting Operations & Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998

The Health & Safety at Work Act requires all heavy lifting equipment must be inspected and tested regularly. Our engineers can examine, test and certify all your lifting equipment in line with LOLER which places duties on people and companies who own, operate or have control over lifting equipment.

Lifting equipment regular servicing

Avoid unnecessary downtime due to equipment failure and prolong the life of all your lifting, load-bearing and safety equipment with regular servicing. For your convenience we can schedule your regular equipment servicing to coincide with your LOLER annual inspection and certification programme.

Lifting equipment emergency repairs

We provide an emergency lifting equipment, electric hoist and Genie material lift repair service, so you can get on with the job with minimal disruption. We have a fully equipped and stocked service centre in Milton Keynes and can supply replacement parts for most lifting equipment.

Lifting equipment inspection and testing

Sling & Tackle provide regulations compliant lifting and safety equipment testing and certification services at Milton Keynes, for a range of load-bearing, lifting and rigging equipment, including:

Load Testing to BS2853

Load Testing to BS 2853: for Overhead Runway Beams e.g. lift shaft beams and overhead gantries.

Proof Load Testing

Deliberate overloading of lifting equipment to ensure it can perform to the required safe working load for which it is designed to withstand in accordance with standards and manufacturer’s guidance, by giving it a full-strength test.

Genie Material Lift Testing

Genie Lift Annual Report Of Thorough Examination in accordance with LOLER and PUWER regulations. We can also service and repair your Genie lifting equipment and check your Genie unit over at any time for your peace of mind. We carry extensive Genie spare parts stock at our fully equipped workshop.